Dwarf Lake Iris

Iris lacustris
Presque Isle County, May 24, 2008
Discovered by Thomas Nuttall on Mackinac Island in 1810.
Delta County, May 25, 2003
Emmet County, May 24, 2003
Emmet County, May 24, 2003
Bottom picture: Very rare? Very few plants in the whole area had fruit pods.
Emmet County, July 23, 2003
These last three images from the Spring and Summer of 2004 date blooming up to seed dispersal.
Emmet County, June 6, 2004
Note: I wish to thank the following botanist for his email dated July 31, 2004...from Dr. Edward G. Voss..."The brown seeds of this species each bear a little very pale twisted appendage called an elaiosome (or fat-body). These are attractive to ants, which grab the seed by the elaiosome and drag it back to their nest, where they eat the appendage and abandon the seed--which is thus nicely planted in a cool, moist, nutritious site for later germination and growth." Look for the seeds in the two images below.
Emmet County, July 28, 2004
Emmet County, July 28, 2004